How to Calm Down by Coloring, and Why it Works

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One of my favorite pastimes when I was younger, aside from continuously jumping off of the couch in an attempt to fly, was coloring. I had a tote bag filled just about to the top with crayons. There had to be over a hundred in there. Coloring books were my JAM. Everyone in my family knew, so I’d get coloring books on a regular basis. Then suddenly, somewhere between elementary school and the discovery of cute boys, I stopped coloring.

It wasn’t until just a few years ago, a short video popped up on my Facebook feed. It explained how “adult” coloring had become the latest trend. Then a few days later, another video appeared, and another. Next thing I know, everyone’s got their hands on a coloring book, and with good reason.

In this day and age, things move at a much quicker pace, and as a result, so do our brains. What coloring has become for many of us is a way to slow our minds down, and get away from the stress and information overload, if only for a short amount of time. It’s one of many ways to practice mindfulness (another popular buzzword these days, which is essentially a technique to increase focus and calm).

Is there a “right” way to color?

Short answer: no.

However, there is a “best” way to color. In my YouTube episode, I explain an experiment that was done to determine the most effective type of coloring to reduce stress. Check it out!

I’ve also made some mandalas for you here. So download them, print them out, and get started!

Is coloring one of your go-to’s for relaxation, calm, and focus? Share your story in the comments.


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  1. I have several coloring books that were gifted to me over the years, but have always found them a little daunting (they are adult coloring books with a lot of details) but this inspired me to give it another try, especially with all the stress surrounding Covid-19. Thanks for sharing!

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