The Benefits of Flexible Seating

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Let’s face it, it’s much harder to focus when your body isn’t ready.

If you can’t sit still in a chair, or if the chair isn’t the right size for you, it makes it so much more difficult to pay attention in general. I have a hard time sitting in an uncomfortable classroom chair for more than 20 minutes. My body starts to shift around and my attention starts to fade. Having regular opportunities for movement is SO important, at any age. Luckily, I know of a strategy to help increase attention and academic success. It’s called “flexible seating”.

The concept of flexible seating is the idea that students get to choose where they want to work within the classroom.

Teachers will often provide a variety of dynamic seating choices for their students (beanbag chairs, stability balls, couches, allow students to work on the floor, or in a traditional chair if they prefer). Numerous articles have reflected that this idea works great for increasing focus and productivity. It has even helped with behavioral issues in the classroom!


Here are three of my favorite alternative seating options for the classroom that don’t require you to go out and buy an expensive couch.

Stability ball: A tried and true flexible seating option. Not only does it provide movement for the “wiggly” student, it’s a core-strengthener which in turn will increase posture!
Beanbag chair: I picked this one specifically because I have one of my own, but there are many cheaper options out there. Better yet, if you’re a crafty person, you could probably make one yourself!

Balance disc: This is a good option for people who prefer to work standing, but it can be sat on as well.

There are plenty more options than the ones I’ve listed here. What’s your favorite flexible seating idea? Let me know in the comments!


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