Reading List: Social Emotional Learning

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Summer is coming to an end, and school has begun for a lot of you. Maybe you’ve started a new school, or just a new routine in general. Having social-emotional skills to cope with these changes is important!

I’ve curated a list of ten books for an end of summer reading list that all focus on social emotional learning (also known as SEL).

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  1. The Way I Feel : This book is perfect for an introduction to all kinds of emotions.
  2. Dragon’s Fury : With the help of a boy and his dragon friend, this book teaches healthy coping skills for when you’re feeling angry.
  3. When Sadness is at your door Introduces the feeling of sadness as a temporary visitor, neither “good” nor “bad”.
  4. The I’m Not Scared Book A simple picture book that talks all about fear.
  5. The Magical Yet Teaches about having a growth mindset in the form of a “yet”, for those who get frustrated when learning something new.
  6. How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends? A fun book about friendship, perfect for little dinosaur-lovers.
  7. The Thank You Book A sweet and sometimes silly book that teaches about gratitude.
  8. My Mouth is a Volcano A story about a boy who can’t stop interrupting. A perfect intro to active listening.
  9. I Am Enough This book is all about learning positive self-talk.
  10. Nothing Stays the Same, But That’s Okay is a great book that discusses coping with changes, whether big or small.

Do you have a favorite book from this list? I’d love to know in the comments below!


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