My Most Used Apps in OT

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Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of using apps (or tablets for that matter) during my OT sessions, they can sometimes be a distraction. I try to limit using them, if only for the fact that many kids are on tablets for a large portion of their day. But if I had to recommend any, these are the ones I use the most regularly:

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Visual Countdown Timer

This app is good for kids who need an interactive visual timer to help transition between activities. You set the time, and then the countdown begins. There are no numbers, just a wheel that starts off green and gradually changes to red as the timer gets closer to zero. When the timer goes off, a “secret” image is revealed.

Brush Up

This has been the best tool for teaching thorough tooth brushing. There’s a funny looking little character with HUGE teeth named Budd who walks (or rather raps) you through the steps to brushing your teeth. There’s also a fun feature that lets you watch yourself on camera at the same time.

Writing Wizard

This is a good app for practicing letters and pre-writing shapes. I like that there are very visually entertaining aspects that keep interest, since handwriting isn’t a fan-favorite among many of my students. Pro-tip: use a mini-stylus if you’re also working on grasp. You can get a 20-pack of them for less than $10 here.

Dexteria Jr.

This one is a great interactive app for working on fine-motor and visual-motor skills. There’s a game called “Pinch the Pepper” that requires you to actually use your thumb and index finger to pinch.


This app, I just like because it’s easy access to relaxing music, or fun kids songs without the temptation of a distracting video (*cough* YouTube).


Let me know some of your favorite apps to use!


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