30 Fun Fall Activities

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pumpkin patch, the ultimate fall activity

Looking for some fun fall activities? Look no further! I made a list for you!

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While you’re here, check out my Fall Activity Challenge printable!


1. Make a bird feeder

All you need for this one is a cardboard tube, peanut butter, and birdseed! Spread the peanut butter on the outside of the tube, roll it in the birdseed, and place it on a branch. See how many birds flock to your feeder!

2. Pumpkin slime

This is a great sensory and science activity, and I love that you only need 3 ingredients!

3. Apples to apples

One of my favorite group games. Best for ages 12 and up.

4. Dissect a flower/catch bugs: if you want to add some fine motor skills, use these bug catchers!

5. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game 

This is a great game for little ones ages 3 and up. It works on fine motor skills, color matching, and turn-taking.

6. Fall sensory bin

Here are some ideas to add some fall flair to your sensory bin: dried corn, leaves, farm animal toys, mini pumpkins, dried pumpkin seeds, pine cones, acorns

7. Leaf raking: no fall foliage where you are? grab some artificial leaves and spread them all over your floor. Indoor leaf raking!

8. Fall-themed movement breaks

9. Autumn Leaves Q-tip art

A tried-and-true OT art project. Draw a leafless tree on paper. Use a q-tip as your paintbrush and dot away!

10. Cooking activity:

These apple teeth are cute all year round, but especially fun during Halloween.

11. 10 Apples Up On Top 

Continuing with the apple theme, here’s a fun classic to introduce counting.

12. Paper Plate Sunflower

This is a very cute and very simple sunflower craft

13. Donate to a food bank

What better way to pay it forward than to make a donation to your local food bank?

14. Apple-scented play dough

I love this recipe because it’s taste-safe!

15. Handprint apple tree

Trace your hand on a piece of construction paper and cut it out for a tree trunk. Then use your creativity to add the leaves and the apples!

16. Scarecrow body tracing 

Use large butcher paper (or chalk in your driveway!) to trace your whole body, and then turn it into a super cute scarecrow! This is a great way to work on body awareness.

17. Leaf lion craft

If you can find some fallen leaves around your neighborhood, you can turn it into a piece of art! Like a lion with a leafy mane!

18. Apple toothpick tower

This is a great STEM activity for early learners. You can use this activity to practice cutting fruit as well.

19.There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves book

I used to read this silly book to a preschool class I worked in, and the kiddos loved it!

20. Pumpkin geoboard

Use those arm muscles to hammer some golf tees into a pumpkin, then work on fine motor skills by stretching rubber bands across them.

21. Scavenger hunt

This one can be done at home, at the grocery store, or on a nature walk!

22. Apple taste test

Go to your local grocery store and pick several different kinds of apples and have a taste test.

23. Leaf sorting

Go on a nature walk and collect as many leaves as you can. Then when you get home, see if you can categorize them by color.

24. Apple bowling

Have some leftover apples from your taste test? set up some “bowling pins” in your house and play a round or two of bowling!

25. Leaf rubbings

This one’s a classic for all ages, all you need is paper, crayons, and leaves.

26. Write a ghost story

27. Spider web obstacle course

If you have a narrow hallway, tape some string or toilet paper across in different directions to make a “spider web” that littles have to crawl over, under, and around to get through.

28. Pumpkin glow ring toss

Like a regular ring toss, but better! Pick up some pumpkins and some glow rings, turn the lights off and toss away!

29. Go apple picking

Go on a trip to an apple orchard and grab some yummy apples

30. Go to a pumpkin patch

This one is a no-brainer!


What other fall activities are in your plans this season?




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