OT-Approved October Activity Ideas

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Looking for some OT-approved activities this October? Look no further!

I’ve curated a short list of activities to do at home to keep your kiddos busy when they get restless this October.

Fine motor

Decorate a jack-o’-lantern. This is a classic Halloween activity that requires a variety of fine motor skills. You’ll need to cut out the pumpkin’s eyes, nose, and mouth, and then you can use markers, crayons, or paint to decorate it.

Calavera (skull) crafts: There are many different ways to make calavera crafts, and most of them require some fine motor skills. You can use paper, clay, or even food to make calaveras.


Here are some Halloween fine motor crafts I’ve created that cost less than a cup of coffee to download!

Gross motor

I love this spider web obstacle course because it’s easy to set-up, and easy to clean up!

Pumpkin Balancing: See how long you can balance a small pumpkin on your head. Want an extra challenge? Turn it into a relay race!


You only need a few ingredients to make this ooey, gooey pumpkin slime!

Pumpkin sensory bin ideas:

  • orange-dyed rice
  • black-dyed bowtie pasta “bats”
  • orange pompom “pumpkins”
  • toy eyeballs, bones, and other spooky things

Executive function:

Learning to cook takes a lot of executive functioning skills, including following directions and time management. These apple monsters are a good introduction to learning to meal prep.


This pumpkin face craft is a double whammy because it works on self-regulation AND fine motor skills! Cut the pumpkins out and match them to the right emotion.

I love teaching self-regulation around Halloween because using the different pumpkin faces is a perfect opportunity to talk about emotions. This youtube video of “5 Little Pumpkins” sings its way through different emotions and can be used as a tool to teach self-regulation.


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