The Vagus Nerve and Emotions

Did you know that there’s a nerve that runs from your brain through your face and upper body that helps regulate your emotions? It’s called the vagus nerve. It communicates motor and sensory signals to every single organ in your body. It’s what controls your “fight or flight” response, and tells you when it’s okay…

Proprioception: What is it and why is it so calming?

Your proprioceptive system is one of the most organizing and regulating system in our bodies. Case in point, Temple Grandin’s squeeze machine, “a device that delivers deep touch pressure to help her learn to tolerate touching and to reduce anxiety and nervousness”. When I think about things that are relaxing to most people, I think…

How to Calm Down by Coloring, and Why it Works

One of my favorite pastimes when I was younger, aside from continuously jumping off of the couch in an attempt to fly, was coloring. I had a tote bag filled just about to the top with crayons. There had to be over a hundred in there. Coloring books were my JAM.

One Simple Hack to Calm Down, Right Now

Breathing. Fun stuff, right? Lots of perks to breathing. I, for one, like how it keeps me alive.
But wait, there’s more! Not only does it keep us alive, it can be used as a tool to help us keep our composure in situations where we would otherwise rather be pulling someone’s hair out, and I think that’s pretty important, too.