Person-First or Identity-First?

One of the very first things we learned when I was in my first semester of OTA school was to use “person-first” language rather than “identity-first” when referring to our patients. We were told that to use “identity-first” (identifying a […]

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Stack Up!: A Toy Review

This great and versatile game is called Stack Up! by Peaceable Kingdom. The game comes with a game board, 12 blocks, 12 challenge cards, 2 stack sticks, a Stack Smasher and stand, and a spinner. The gameplay is pretty straightforward: […]

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The Journey to Handwriting

When most teachers and parents think of OT, they immediately think “handwriting”. If they see a child who is having difficulty writing legibly, or keeping up in class, or sometimes not even able to write at all. They come to […]

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